Superlinks FAQs


Superlinks is a display ad network and a monetization platform offering a multitude of ad units for website and mobile publishers. Publishers are able to create and add a number of different ad styles to generate additional revenue for their site. Superlinks has partnered with Doubleclick Ad Exchange by Google, OpenX and Appnexus displaying only the best brand advertisers within the ad units.

You must first create select a product that you would like to add to your site (Super Exit Links, Super Footer, Super Tower, Super Interstitial or Super Display Ads), then you create a publisher campaign and submit your campaign request to Superlinks. Within 48 hours, your account will be approved or denied, if you are approved, you will receive a javascript code to place onto your site. Depending on the product, you will have to place the code at either at the top or at the bottom of your web pages.

Websites must generate a minimum of 100,000 visitors per month.

Websites may not contain any of the following:

  • Pornographic, adult, or mature content.
  • Violent content
  • Hate speech (including content that incites hatred or promotes violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity), harassment, bullying, or similar content that advocates harm against an individual or group.
  • Excessive profanity.
  • Hacking/cracking content.
  • Online gambling or online casino-related content.
  • Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content.
  • Sale of alcohol.
  • Sale of tobacco or tobacco-related products.
  • Sale of prescription drugs.
  • Sale of weapons or ammunition (e.g., firearms, firearm components, fighting knives, stun guns).
  • Sale of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods.
  • Sale or distribution of pre-written term papers or student essays.
  • Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking on ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites, or reading emails

  • Any software that can trigger pop-ups, redirect users to unwanted websites, modify browser settings, or otherwise interfere with site navigation. For clarification, this prohibition precludes the use of any system that overlays or creates ad space on a given site without the express permission of the site owner, including without limitation toolbars.
  • Traffic from torrent, file sharing, adult and any site with illegal activity is not allowed.
  • The publisher must acquire traffic primarily from organic sources.

Since, Superlinks is partnered with Google, OpenX and Appnexus, all geos are coverered.

You may use all of the product offerings that Superlinks has, but you may only have a maximum of five Super Display Ad units on at any one time plus the Super Tower and Super Footer ads.

We have found that you should not place more than four ad units on a page (even though you are allowed to place up to five on the page).

Google ADX rules state that you may only have a maximum of five ads per page.

Yes, you may still run your three adsense ad units with Super Display Ads, but it’s not recommended to place eight banners on one page. Your eCPMs may drop significantly and it’s almost considered a banner farm. We do recommend that you set up a Waterfall where you place the Google Ad Exchange tags as your primary ad tag and your google adsense tag as a backfill. Superlinks can do that for you, or you may sign up for a DFP for Small Business account located here:

The ad units are only allowed to be placed on approved websites. If you try to put them in a testing environment, you must add the following to the javascript code:

<script type="text/javascript">

  • Our ad platform technology will only display an ad when it’s deemed relevant for that page url
  • If the browser window size is smaller than 500x500, you will not see an ad either.
  • If you have purchased traffic from unapproved sources, such as torrents, adult and any other traffic sources listed on our site content policies.

Ad code may not be altered, nor may the standard behavior, targeting, or delivery of ads be manipulated in any way that is not explicitly permitted by Superlinks. For example, Sellers may not adjust or alter information that is (a) sent from a client to a Superlinks tag or ad code or (b) sent from an Superlinks tag or ad code to a client.

Ads served to mobile applications ("In-App Ads") or sites accessed through a mobile browser may not be pre-cached, cached, or stored in any fashion. Such ads must be requested dynamically and, on sites designed for viewing on mobile devices, be refreshed when the page is refreshed.

Ad code may not be:

  • Displayed in pop-ups, pop-unders, exit windows, expanding buttons, animation or other similar methods.
  • Obscured by elements on a page.
  • Placed on any non-content-based page.
  • Placed on pages published specifically for the purpose of showing ads.
  • Integrated into a software application of any kind, including toolbars.
  • Placed on pages whose content or URL could confuse users into thinking it is associated with Google or Superlinks due to the misuse of logos, trademarks, or other brand features.
  • Placed on, within, or alongside other Google or Superlinks products or services in a manner that violates the policies of that product or service.
  • Placed in email programs or in emails, including but not limited to email newsletters, except Sellers may, at Google's and Superlink’s discretion, place ad code in webmail (i.e., email accessed through a web-based service) and webmail programs if they (i) do not send to Superlinks ad requests containing any content from the webmail, and (ii) implement the ad code pursuant to any instructions provided by Superlinks.
  • In addition, no more than 5 Ad Exchange ad units may appear per page. On sites designed specifically for viewing on a mobile device, no more than 1 Ad Exchange unit may appear per page. In mobile applications ("Apps"), at most one ad may be displayed on a single screen at a time. Thus, if the ad is fixed to the screen top or screen bottom, the number of ads is capped at one. If the page scrolls, only one ad may be visible on the screen at a time. In addition, In-App Ads may not be placed (i) underneath or adjacent to buttons or any other object such that it interferes with a user's typical interaction with the App, or (ii) in a manner that otherwise obstructs the user from viewing the content in an App. In-App Ads also may not be placed on a "dead end" screen. There must be a way to exit a screen without clicking the ad (for example, a "back", "close" or "menu" button). Otherwise, the user must be notified that the home button will exit the App.

If you are approved by Google Ad Exchange, you will most likely see Google Adsense text ads in your campaigns. You will be paid a CPM rate for these ads, unlike with Adsense, where you earn a CPC. Adsense is just one of the many advertisers bidding within the RTB auction.

No, you may not change your username. The only way to do that is if you sign up for another publisher account.

Yes, you may change your password by going to Settings > Edit > Account > and filling out your current password and the new requested password in the field provided.

Yes! Enjoy using the drag and drop widget placement with our easy to use Wordpress plugin. Download it here.

You may log into your Superlinks account from your PC and see your performance reports on a daily basis. Statistics are updated once a day at 2am PST and estimated stats are updated every two to three hours.

Superlinks pays out Net 35, meaning 35 days after the end of the current month.

Superlinks can pay you with paypal, wire or with payoneer.

Our minimum monthly threshold for paypal and payoneer is $100. Our minimum for wires is $500.

You may send an email to to create a support ticket. You may also log into to create and view your tickets.