How Blue Collar Brain leveraged Superlinks’s help to increase organic traffic by 128%

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Blue Collar Brain is a platform that celebrates and advocates for careers built on skill, grit, and passion without requiring a college degree. The platform illuminates the less traveled paths, highlighting careers often overshadowed by mainstream educational narratives.

Through engaging profiles, interviews, career guides, and inspiring stories, Blue Collar Brain equips users with the knowledge to carve a niche in a field they love. The platform encourages users to explore the world of trade careers, where success can be found in paths that resonate with their authentic selves.

Industry: Vocational and Trade Resources

Location: United States

Services Provided: Content Marketing, Link Building


Blue Collar Brain faces the challenge of limited authoritative websites for backlinks due to the niche market it serves. The platform operates in a space often overshadowed by academic-focused content, making it difficult to find authoritative websites catering to trades and skills-based professions for backlinks. 

As a result, Blue Collar Brain has to put in extra effort to acquire quality backlinks for its website, which is crucial for improving its domain authority, search engine rankings, and traffic


Blue Collar Brain and Superlinks joined forces to tackle the issue at hand. We crafted a bespoke strategy that perfectly fits our unique circumstances and needs. Our approach included:

In-depth Competitive Analysis

We researched the trades and skill-based careers arena, analyzed competitors' backlink profiles, identified content gaps and under-served topics, and assessed their SEO strategies to refine and differentiate Blue Collar Brain's approach. We aim to lead the conversation in this niche market.

Quality Control

We maintained a healthy backlink profile by reviewing all links for relevance, authority, and trust. We created guidelines for content creation that align with the brand's voice and audience expectations. Superlinks reviewed all content for accuracy, engagement, and alignment with core values.

On-Site Optimizations

Superlinks optimized Blue Collar Brain's website to attract visitors by improving the site's structure, using strategic keywords, and enhancing performance on all devices. Rich snippets in search results make their content more clickable.

Creating Linkable Content Magnets

Content is king in the realm of backlinks, and we made it our mission to craft compelling material for Blue Collar Brain that draws links organically and establishes itself as a go-to resource for trade professionals. Our visually appealing graphs are perfect for sharing and linking to other websites, making them an invaluable asset in online marketing.

Outreach Strategy

We utilized targeted outreach strategies to build relationships and acquire quality backlinks. This involved crafting personalized campaigns for industry influencers, educational institutions, and career counselors. We also engaged with online communities, forums, and social media groups. Additionally, we partnered with trade schools, workshops, and industry events for cross-promotion and link-sharing opportunities.

Smooth Communication

We optimized our outreach processes to ensure clear, concise emails delivered to the right contact at the right time while maintaining high delivery and engagement rates.


The strategic efforts we poured into Blue Collar Brain have yielded remarkable results. Since implementing our targeted initiatives, we’ve impressively doubled their traffic, achieving a precise upsurge of 128.44%! This is a testament to the efficacy of our approach and the resonant appeal of their content to their target audience.

But wait, there’s more! The value derived from this surge in traffic has been equally impressive. Our link-building strategies have attracted a larger audience and substantially elevated the worth of their digital presence. 

In fact, we’ve seen a considerable boost in their traffic value, with a gain of $12,473, effectively doubling the figures that previously defined their online success. This financial enhancement reflects Blue Collar Brain’s adeptness and our team’s skill in driving real results.

"In a world of average - these guys are definitely not! Exceptional communication, Creative design and Excellent research + data compilation. It is rare I can say I had a top-notch experience with a service provider. But hands-down this was one of my best experiences ever"
Jill Caren
Co-Founder At Blue Collar Brain

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