How Superlinks generated 205+ backlinks for Constant Contact

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from top sites such as Adobe, Canva and Entrepreneur
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With a legacy spanning over a quarter of a century, Constant Contact has firmly established itself as a pivotal bridge, connecting its clientele to the essential tools vital for growth and success. It prides itself on cultivating robust relationships within its community, fostering an environment where inclusivity, support, and active listening are not merely ideals but practiced virtues.

Guided by core values emphasizing customer-first service, Constant Contact is more than a service provider—it is a partner dedicated to ensuring that every client is well-equipped to take the next significant leap forward.

Industry: Marketing

Location: United States

Services Provided: Content Marketing, Link Building


Despite Constant Contact’s well-earned reputation and strong foundation of resources and customer loyalty, the company has faced a significant hurdle that echoes a common digital age conundrum: creating content that resonates with its audience and garners organic recognition and links from other entities. 

This obstacle is not simply a hiccup in the content strategy but a formidable barrier that impacts the company’s visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). 


Superlinks, with its expertise in SEO and link-building, was the chosen partner to craft a strategy for Constant Contact. Our approach included:

In-depth Competitive Analysis

We brought our expertise to the table, conducting an all-encompassing review of Constant Contact's market position, competitors, and audience insights. This collaboration ensured a custom-crafted strategy capitalizing on Constant Contact's unique value proposition in the crowded digital marketing industry.

Quality Control

A stringent quality control process was undertaken with the intention of purifying the brand's digital footprint, which involved an extensive backlink audit that Superlinks' specialists spearheaded. Any links that could potentially diminish the brand's SEO stature were identified and addressed, laying a clean and unblemished foundation for growth.

On-Site Optimizations

With a focus on SEO and user experience, the internal link structure was overhauled to enhance the customer's journey through the site and strengthen the brand's relevance and standing in search engine algorithms.

Creating Linkable Content Magnets

Our team created link-worthy content and turned it into organic link magnets that attract high-quality backlinks. To accomplish this, we researched current statistics and made unique visual representations, setting ourselves apart from the typical statistics pages found in search engine results that often consist of basic lists or lengthy text with a few scattered images.

Outreach Strategy

Targeting high-caliber and contextually relevant platforms, the strategy focused on building symbiotic relationships beyond superficial link exchanges. We identified and engaged with partners who had high domain authority and shared Constant Contact's vision and commitment to providing value.

Smooth Communication

The communication workflow was refined, ensuring that each outreach effort with potential partners was clear, concise, and perfectly timed to maintain a high response and engagement rate. This streamlined communication strategy underscored the professionalism and strategic intent of the Constant Contact brand.


The campaign’s success can be directly attributed to the strategic acquisition of backlinks, which were numerous and of high quality and relevance to ConstantConstant’s industry.

A total of 205 such backlinks were obtained from websites with high authority scores, which helped boost ConstantConstant’s credibility with search engines and improve its reputation in the industry. 

Additionally, the content created for ConstantConstant continues to attract backlinks from reputable and relevant websites, even without promotion. Some notable examples include organic links from influential platforms like Adobe Business, Canva, and Entrepreneur Media.

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