How Superlinks Boosted Influencity’s Online Presence Through Linkable Assets And Link Building

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Influencity is revolutionizing the influencer marketing landscape with its innovative tools and solutions. Dedicated to helping brands and agencies optimize their influencer marketing strategies, Influencity offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines the process of identifying, analyzing, and engaging with influencers.

By providing detailed analytics and campaign management features, Influencity empowers its users to make data-driven decisions and foster successful collaborations.

Industry: Influencer Relationship Management

Location: United States

Services Provided: Content Marketing, Link Building


Influencity, despite its robust platform and valuable offerings, encountered a key challenge: their content wasn’t receiving the level of engagement and visibility it deserved.

This issue was primarily due to a limited number of referring domains. The impact of this was twofold – it not only diminished the reach of their quality content but also affected their ability to rank for important keywords in SERPs.

Addressing this challenge was crucial for Influencity to enhance its online presence and solidify its standing in the competitive influencer marketing industry.


Understanding the gravity of the situation, Influencity partnered with Superlinks and embarked on a strategic journey to overcome this challenge. Our solution was not a one-size-fits-all approach but a carefully crafted strategy that included:

In-depth Competitive Analysis

We initiated a thorough examination of the influencer marketing sector. The team analyzed competitors, identified key search terms, and studied market trends. This deep dive enabled Superlinks to craft content that resonated with users and performed well for high-value search terms.

Quality Control

Superlinks audited Influencity's existing backlinks, weeding out any detrimental links. Strict guidelines for future backlinks were set, focusing on quality over quantity to enhance the brand's reputation and authority. Regular monitoring procedures were implemented to ensure a robust and authoritative backlink profile.

On-Site Optimizations

The website underwent significant refinements in its technical and content elements, enhancing the user experience and accessibility. This included optimizing content and meta elements for SEO, ensuring both accuracy and user-friendliness.

Creating Linkable Content Magnets

Superlinks crafted content designed to attract backlinks organically. This effort positioned Influencity as a thought leader in the influencer marketing industry, with valuable statistics pages that improved their search engine rankings and drove more traffic.

Outreach Strategy

A targeted outreach campaign was initiated to establish connections with relevant entities in the influencer marketing industry. This included engaging with relevant blogs, news outlets, and influencers to secure authoritative backlinks and bolster Influencity's credibility.

Smooth Communication

We optimized our outreach processes, making sure every message sent was clear, concise, and delivered to the right contact at the right time, while maintaining a high-delivery and engagement rate.


The effort put into improving Influencity’s online presence really paid off. We saw a huge jump in the number of people visiting their site, with organic traffic increasing by almost 65%. This means more people were checking out what Influencity has to offer.

Another big win was with their TikTok Influencers Statistics page. The links we got for this campaign helped Influencity rank better in search results.

All in all, these changes made a big difference for Influencity, helping them stand out more in the world of influencer marketing.

" We’re really impressed with Superlinks' Link Building and Content Marketing efforts. Their creative link building campaigns were able to secure us a great number of quality backlinks and accelerate our organic growth."
Dan Tabaran
Head of Marketing at Influencity

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