How Superlinks Helped LawnStarter get 1st Page Rankings

1st Page Rankings
for Water Usage and Deforestation topics
from top sites such as Digital Trends and World Economic Forum
high quality links

LawnStarter is an online platform that offers a seamless and entirely digital service for homeowners to connect with licensed and insured lawn care professionals. Customers can schedule and manage their lawn care through LawnStarter’s app and website and benefit from the company’s satisfaction guarantee. 

LawnStarter rewards professionals with weekly direct deposits for completed jobs and promotes business growth, resulting in an average growth of 26% in the first year for lawn care professionals. 

Industry: Lawn Services

Location: United States

Services Provided: Content Marketing, Link Building


LawnStarter, despite having a solid operational base and a user-friendly interface, found itself struggling to outshine competitors in organic search results, which is a crucial channel for new user acquisition.

One of the core challenges was the absence of robust content marketing strategies, that resulted in a deficiency of high-quality, linkable content. This lack of content impeded the improvement of SERP rankings for targeted keywords and impacted the generation of organic traffic, an essential component of the company’s customer acquisition and retention efforts.


To address these challenges, LawnStarter partnered with Superlinks to develop and implement a multifaceted content strategy to create valuable, informative, and SEO-optimized content.

In-depth Competitive Analysis

To develop a successful content strategy for LawnStarter, we thoroughly analyzed the competitive landscape. Our goal was to understand direct competitors' content offerings, strengths, and weaknesses in the lawn care service market. We identified popular industry content, assessed competitor backlink profiles for acquisition opportunities, and evaluated their SERP rankings for relevant keywords to set campaign goals.

Quality Control

Maintaining a clean and high-quality backlink profile is crucial for LawnStarter's search engine rankings. Therefore, we thoroughly audited the existing backlinks and promptly removed toxic links. We set link standards for quality and relevance and monitor our backlink profile for integrity.

On-Site Optimizations

We improved the LawnStarter website by restructuring it to make navigating easier, enhancing readability by optimizing meta descriptions, title tags, and headers with targeted keywords, and implementing internal linking strategies. These strategies not only improve search engine optimization but also encourage visitors to remain on the site for a longer period of time and engage with relevant content more easily.

Creating Linkable Content Magnets

To attract high-quality backlinks naturally, LawnStarter requires engaging content. Therefore, we created comprehensive content assets that covered relevant industry topics, positioning LawnStarter as a thought leader in the field. These assets comprised visually appealing graphics that offer value and are highly shareable.

Outreach Strategy

Our outreach efforts aimed to build relationships and obtain high-quality backlinks by creating a targeted list of home improvement blogs, gardening influencers, and lifestyle publications that align with LawnStarter's brand values for content promotion.

We reached out to community-based platforms and forums to share knowledge and content, which helped create brand awareness and credibility and featured LawnStarter's content in industry roundups, interviews, and feature articles, resulting in organic mentions and backlinks.

Smooth Communication

To enhance the effectiveness of our outreach process for LawnStarter, we used advanced tools for efficient tracking and management of all correspondences.

Personalized outreach templates were created to increase the chances of positive responses and establish connections with potential partners. We scheduled follow-ups and maintained communication logs to build and maintain relationships for successful collaborations and partnerships.



Our partnership with LawnStarter bore fruit in expanding their digital footprint. We secured an impressive 370 high-quality backlinks, enhancing LawnStarter’s credibility and visibility. These backlinks originated from various authoritative domains, including but not limited to platforms as prestigious as the World Economic Forum and the Digital Trends Media Group. 

Such endorsements elevate LawnStarter’s brand and affirm our commitment to providing valuable, research-backed content. As a testament to our concerted efforts, LawnStarter achieved a significant milestone by securing the coveted #1-page rank on search engines for critical industry-related keywords, such as “Water Usage Statistics” and “Deforestation Statistics.” 

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