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Studying In Switzerland is the go-to website for anyone learning about Swiss education. It provides clear and comprehensive information about the educational system in Switzerland, scholarships, and the experience of being an international student. 

The website also helps students with the challenges of moving to a new country, including obtaining visas health insurance, and adapting to a new culture. It’s a one-stop resource for students seeking academic and professional success in the heart of Europe.

Industry: Education

Location: Switzerland

Services Provided: Content Marketing, Digital PR, and Link Building


Studying In Switzerland faces a unique challenge in the competitive world of search engine rankings. The website provides helpful information for navigating the Swiss educational landscape, but it lacks engaging and interactive content that encourages others to link back to it. 

To make its mark on the academic map, Studying In Switzerland needed content that is both informative and interesting, where each article and guide is part of a network of intellectual pathways, inviting digital travelers to explore Switzerland’s rich educational terrain.


Studying In Switzerland and Superlinks teamed up for a challenge, determined to succeed. We developed a strategy tailored to the mission’s unique needs. Our plan was well-thought-out and proved successful. Our strategy involved:

In-depth Competitive Analysis

To tailor a successful approach to Studying In Switzerland, we conducted a detailed analysis, profiling competitor websites that provide information on studying in Switzerland and Europe. We found gaps in their offerings that Studying In Switzerland can fill. We analyzed search trends and evaluated competitors' link-building strategies to find backlink opportunities.

Quality Control

For Studying In Switzerland, ensuring the integrity of the site's backlink profile was crucial. To achieve this, We audited and removed low-quality or irrelevant backlinks, monitored new ones, and created guidelines for future link-building efforts targeting high-quality domains.

On-Site Optimizations

Improving user experience and search engine visibility required a meticulous on-site optimization strategy. We improved the site's structure for better navigation and understanding. We added schema markup and optimized meta tags and content to enhance search engine visibility for queries related to studying in Switzerland.

Creating Linkable Content Magnets

Our team spearheaded Digital PR campaigns for StudyinSwitzerland, using targeted keywords to craft captivating press releases. The ultimate aim was to promote the brand's visibility and credibility through major media outlets, key influencers, and diverse educational communities. This innovative approach also served as a powerful tool for our link-building strategy.

Outreach Strategy

We implemented an outreach strategy aimed at acquiring links and forming partnerships and connections. Our approach involved creating a list of educational influencers, academic bloggers, Swiss cultural sites, and student forums to promote our content.

We targeted high-value and relevant sites to foster meaningful relationships and boost our content assets to the first page of SERP. We carefully selected link opportunities aligned with Study in Switzerland's vision and audience.

Smooth Communication

Our team worked hard to streamline our outreach processes. We've implemented a range of optimizations that ensure every message we send is clear, concise, and delivered to the right contact at the right time. Doing so has maintained a high delivery and engagement rate, which has been highly beneficial for our outreach efforts.


To stand out in a sea of generic informational pieces, we knew we had to up our game and create content that was not only informative but also linkable and shareable. We managed to craft authoritative and engaging content that met the immediate needs of Studying In Switzerland’s audience and acted as a reference point for academic institutions, educational bloggers, and student forums.

Our hard work paid off in spades, with a staggering 174% increase in organic traffic to Studying In Switzerland. To top it all off, our research and insights for Studying In Switzerland gained recognition from reputable publishers, including the illustrious Statista.

"We had tried several link-building strategies, but something was just not clicking. Until we tried SuperLinks' statistics link building. They were able to build creative campaigns that got coverage from the likes of Statista. We loved it, and apparently, so did Google. In no time, our traffic skyrocketed.”
Clara Huber
CMO at Studying in Switzerland

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