How Superlinks Helped a Social Media Growth Platform Boost its Organic Traffic by 710% in 6 Months

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The Social Media Growth Platform offers affordable social media engagement plans designed to democratize the power of engagement, making it accessible to everyone. The experts behind it work tirelessly to ensure your account experiences authentic and effective growth, building a genuine connection with your audience that can translate into real-world success. This platform is your partner in the journey toward social media prominence, helping you explore the endless possibilities the platform has to offer. 

Industry: SaaS

Location: United States

Services Provided: Content Marketing, Link Building


In the midst of many social media growth services, the Social Media Growth Platform faced a daunting challenge: how to stand out from the crowd. 

With a market already saturated with services claiming to boost social media presence, the platform had to find a way to differentiate itself and build trust with skeptical clients. This barrier was hindering their growth and visibility in a competitive market.


Social Media Growth Platform recognized the seriousness of the situation and collaborated with Superlinks to come up with a strategic plan to address the challenge at hand. We did not opt for a generic solution but rather developed a meticulous strategy that encompassed:

In-depth Competitive Analysis

To better understand the social media landscape, we conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis. This involved identifying the top-performing platforms, trends, and competitors. We also took a closer look at the Social Media Growth Platform, analyzing its unique strengths and weaknesses. This allowed us to develop a customized approach that effectively leveraged its strengths and addressed its weaknesses.

Quality Control

We conducted a thorough review and cleanup process to identify and remove any low-quality or potentially harmful content on the platform. Additionally, we have implemented stringent quality control measures to uphold a high content and user experience standard, which has further improved the platform's reputation and user engagement.

On-Site Optimizations

We thoroughly reviewed the platform's user interface and functionality to optimize the user experience. We also improved the internal linking structure to enhance user navigation and encourage engagement, signaling the platform's relevance and value to search engines.

Creating Linkable Content Magnets

The platform's target audience was attracted to compelling and shareable content pieces. Our content team hit it out of the park! They created compelling and share-worthy pieces that hooked our target audience. By leveraging these linkable assets, we were able to attract high-quality backlinks from relevant sources, which boosted the platform's visibility and authority.

Outreach Strategy

We crafted a tailored outreach strategy with a laser focus on forging strategic partnerships and collaborations within the dynamic social media landscape. We identified influential and high-value partners and worked tirelessly to build strong relationships with them to amplify our platform's reach and influence.

Smooth Communication

We have streamlined our communication processes, ensuring timely and effective interactions with potential partners, influencers, and users. We're proud to say that our efforts paid off through high engagement and responsiveness to user inquiries and feedback.


Our team achieved amazing results for the Social Media Growth Platform. We launched a comprehensive link-building campaign that resulted in a significant growth of $16,498 in the platform’s traffic value. The organic traffic also saw an extraordinary surge of more than 700% within 6 months. This remarkable growth can be attributed to the 350 high-quality backlinks secured, which played a pivotal role in elevating the platform’s online presence.  

What’s more impressive is that we included industry giants like Zendesk in their link portfolio. This further solidified the platform’s authority and credibility. We established the Social Media Growth Platform as a dominant force in the online world.

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