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At Studocu, they are committed to providing a seamless, collaborative, and empowering learning environment. Their mission is to help students reach their full potential, maximize their academic journey, and achieve their desired grades by providing the best tools to study more efficiently.

Industry: Education

Location: Amsterdam

Services Provided: Content Marketing, Link Building


Studocu faced a significant challenge when it came to building links. Despite having innovative study tools, they struggled to get high-quality backlinks that would increase their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

This significant obstacle severely impacted their online presence and competitiveness. Finding valuable connections, building relationships, and creating linkable content was a challenging and ongoing process.

The end goal was to create a network of organic links that would improve their domain authority and result in more users visiting their site. It was a tough task in a crowded field full of competitors.


Studocu teamed up with Superlinks and embarked on a strategic journey to tackle the issue at hand. Rather than relying on a generic solution, we developed a carefully tailored strategy that took into account our unique circumstances and needs. Our approach included:

In-depth Competitive Analysis

We began by thoroughly grasping the ins and outs of Studocu's business model, its selling features, and particular market obstacles. This enabled us to adopt a customized strategy optimized for success in the highly competitive education industry.

Quality Control

We took great care to remove or reject any bad backlinks that could negatively impact our performance. This approach helped to maintain our excellent backlink profile and support our growth plans.

On-Site Optimizations

We carefully evaluated and improved the website’s internal linking to enhance our marketing campaign. This wasn't just a routine optimization; we strategically designed the structure to lead visitors through an engaging content journey while also indicating the site's significance and worth to search engines.

Creating Linkable Content Magnets

Our content marketing team created engaging content that appealed to our target audience, resulting in pages that effortlessly attracted valuable and relevant backlinks.

Outreach Strategy

We developed a targeted outreach plan to connect with important and relevant websites to promote our content to the top of search engine results. Our approach focused on building meaningful relationships, rather than just getting links, by identifying opportunities aligned with Studocu's vision and audience.

Smooth Communication

We improved our communication methods, ensuring that every message was easily understood, brief, and sent to the appropriate recipient at the proper time, all while maintaining a high rate of successful delivery and engagement.


The link-building campaign executed for Studocu was truly remarkable and brought significant results. Building hundreds of relevant backlinks helped Studocu’s traffic value increase by no less than $212,151. And it doesn’t end there; it also brought about a phenomenal 143.96% boost in organic traffic, illustrating the campaign’s significant impact.

Studocu’s successful link-building strategy resulted from a clear vision, strategic approach, and collaboration between Superlinks and its marketing team.

The team’s dedication and refinement led to a 143.96% increase in traffic and significant enhancement in traffic value, establishing Studocu as a major player in the industry and positioning them for unprecedented achievement and leadership.

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