How Superlinks Helped Increase University of the Potomac’s Organic Leads By 1423%

increase in organic leads
increase in organic traffic
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The University of the Potomac is a higher education institution with campuses in Washington DC, Virginia & Chicago. We were brought on board to help them recover the lost traffic after a site redesign went wrong & set up UOTP for future SEO growth.

Industry: Higher Education

Location: United States

Services Provided: Content Marketing, Digital PR, Link Building


Potomac launched their new website in August 2018 and saw their organic traffic drop by 70% during a crucial period of time in their industry (fall semester). Redirects weren’t implemented properly, the URL structure was changed twice in the previous six months and all internal links were pointing to the homepage (impacting the performance of different sections on the site as a result).

When we first started working on this project, we noticed an unnatural increase in backlinks from low-quality sites. These backlinks targeted a specific section of the site which had seen its rankings drop dramatically after these sites started linking it.


To address these challenges, the University of the Potomac partnered with Superlinks to develop and implement a multifaceted strategy to create valuable, informative, and SEO-optimized content. Our approach included:

Content Marketing

We first identified well-performing content pieces, the ones with great ranking potential after optimization, and content we had to rewrite, update, or delete. Our Content Strategy included identifying gaps, implementing topic clusters, doing keyword research, and producing EEAT content that ranked.

Digital PR Assets

Our Digital PR team got into creative mode and initiated several campaigns for the University of Potomac, using interesting findings to craft captivating press releases. The ultimate aim was to promote the brand's visibility and credibility through major media outlets and diverse educational communities. This innovative approach also served as a powerful tool for our link-building strategy.

Outreach Strategy

To make sure our outreach strategy was effective, we used several tools for efficient tracking and email management. We drafted personalized outreach templates and reached out to renowned journalists who were interested in covering our stories. We scheduled follow-ups and maintained communication logs to build and maintain relationships for successful collaborations and partnerships.


The results speak for themselves. Since the beginning of our partnership, the University of the Potomac saw a 1423% increase in their organic leads and a 761.41% increase in organic traffic. Our Digital PRs like Where Does Our Food Come From and The Most Popular Degrees In The World got over 170 mentions from major publishers and websites, including:

  • NDTV Food
  • CTV News
  • Times Higher Education

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